Episode 3: The Problem of Bullying

In this episode of Mind Matters, we talk with Cathy Risberg from Minds that Soar in Palatine, IL about the impact of bullying on the learning ability and environment of gifted kids. 

About the guest - Cathy Risberg, M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, consults with parents, students, teachers and administrators to identify and provide strength-based strategies to help all students, especially those who are gifted and twice-exceptional (2e), reach their full potential.

Cathy is the owner of Minds That Soar, LLC, and has worked as an adjunct faculty member for the Technology in Education program at National-Louis University in Wheeling, Illinois. She has authored and co-authored a number of articles, has been published in the Illinois Association for Gifted Children Journal, the 2e Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, Understanding Our Gifted and co-authored a chapter in both Transforming Classroom Practice (Borthwick and Pierson, 2008) and Collaboration in Education (Slater and Ravid, 2010).

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