Episode 24: True Grit - Fostering Tenacity and Resilience

When we don’t provide a challenge for our gifted kids at school and let them fly under the radar, they can develop internal monologues that equate being smart with everything being easy. Emily Mofield and Megan Parker Peters, authors of “Teaching Tenacity, Resilience, and a Drive for Excellence,” on episode 24 of Mind Matters.

About the guests - Emily Mofield, EdD, is an assistant professor in the College of Education at Lipscomb University. Her background includes 15 years experience teaching gifted students and leading gifted services. She has authored or co-authored several books and research articles on the social-emotional needs of gifted students, and received the NAGC Hollingworth Award for excellence in research (with Megan Parker Peters).

Megan Parker Peters, PhD, is an associate professor and the Director of Teacher Education and Assessment at Lipscomb University. She is a psychologist, specializing in the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners. She is also the recipient of the National Association for Gifted Children's Hollingworth Award for research on achievement motivation (with Emily Mofield).

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