Episode 25: Thinking Twice About Ways to Help Twice Exceptional Students

The systems in place for gifted kids in public education often fall short for 2e students. Sometimes 2e kids aren’t even identified with the limited testing resources of some schools. In the first of several episodes on twice-exceptionality this year, we talk with Chris Wiebe from Bridges Academy in Los Angeles about how they address the specific needs of twice-exceptional students, and how other school districts can help 2e kids thrive.

About the guest - Chris Wiebe has a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) from California State University in Los Angeles, as well as a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Literature (M.A.) from San Jose State University. He’s currently the High School Division Director at Bridges Academy in the Los Angeles area, and Managing Editor of 2E News.

Links of interest - 2e News: Website, Facebook, Twitter. Bridges Academy: Website, Facebook. Chris Wiebe: LinkedIn, Shane J Lopez & Michelle C Louis (2009) The Principles of Strengths-Based Education, Journal of College and Character