Episode 37: You Never Outgrow Giftedness

Gifted kids turn into gifted adults, it’s something you live with for your entire life. When adults forget about their own atypical wiring, they open themselves up to social issues, and miss opportunities to continue growing. Guests Aurora Remember-Holtzman and Michelle Benedict talk to us about their experiences, and provide advice for people who may have forgotten they were gifted.

About the guests - Aurora Remember-Holtzman is the host of the Embracing Intensity podcast, and is founder of www.EmbracingIntensity.com. After years of feeling “too much,” Aurora finally realized that intensity, in the form of excitability, is the source of her greatest power. Now instead of beating herself up about not measuring up to her own self-imposed standards, she is on a mission to help outside-the-box thinkers befriend their brains and use their fire without getting burned through her Embracing Intensity Podcast and community, coaching, facilitation and strengths-based psycho-educational assessment. 

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Michelle Benedict has a Master’s in Education and certification in Gifted Education. She also founded Mindful Transformations. She’s an educator in the Hazelwood, MO public school district.

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