Episode 38: A Mind Matters Manual for Middle School

As parents and educators prepare for the start of the new school year, middle schools everywhere are welcoming a new crop of excited, nervous, and sometimes unprepared kids. On episode 38 we talk about the middle school transition, and the changes parents can expect to see as their kids adapt to their new surroundings. Guest Phyllis Fagell is author of the book Middle School Matters, and she joins us with ideas and advice.

About the guest - Phyllis Fagell is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Professional School Counselor and journalist. She has worked in both public and private schools with students in grades K-12, focusing on middle school for the last several years. She currently works full time as the school counselor for Sheridan School in Washington, D.C. Sheridan School has been named a 2017 National School of Character. Phyllis also provides therapy to children, teens and adults in private practice at the Chrysalis Group, Inc.

As a journalist, Phyllis writes regular columns for The Washington Post on counseling, parenting and education. She writes a weekly advice column for PDK, Intl. for educators, and she blogs for a number of highly-respected national education associations and counseling publications, including AMLE (Association of Middle Level Educators) and Character.org. Her articles often are syndicated by Bloomberg, and they also are reprinted by newspapers throughout the world.

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