Recent Episodes

Here are the most recent episodes of Mind Matters. For an archive of all episodes, go to the link above, or click here.

Episode 8: A Guide to self-advocacy

You might say Deb Douglas is an advocate for self-advocacy. Deb has committed her career to helping educators, school administrators, and parents teach their gifted and twice-exceptional kids the importance of self-advocacy. Now she’s sharing her knowledge with Mind Matters.

Episode 7: transitioning to adulthood

On this episode, Garrett Hartman, LPC, joins us to discuss the transition to adulthood for gifted people and their neurotypical counterparts. How can parents help? What should the education system do to prepare kids for a changing landscape? Adulting - on episode 7 of Mind Matters.

episode 6: overcoming perfectionism

We talk with Lisa Van Gemert, the “Gifted Guru,” about perfectionism. We clear up some misperceptions and discuss strategies to deal with the challenges perfectionism presents.