A note of thanks from Dave and Emily. We're happy to have your support and listenership, they mean the world to us!

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A little about us - Emily Kircher-Morris is a licensed Professional Counselor and the host of Mind Matters. She has dual Masters degrees in Counseling and Education, and specializes in the area of giftedness throughout the lifespan. Dave Morris is a voice over artist and audio/video engineer, and is the Executive Producer of Mind Matters. We own Unlimited Potential Counseling & Education Center in the St. Louis MO area, and Morris Creative Services, an audio/video production company.

In 2012, Emily founded the Gifted Support Network, a growing non-profit organization which provides resources and support to parents and educators of gifted and high-ability children.

We started Mind Matters as a labor of love. We are both gifted and ADHD parents and we have two children who are also twice-exceptional. Our third and youngest is showing all of the signs, so the struggle is real! The outside support we've received has been crucial, but the community continues to be vastly under-served, under-funded, and often misunderstood.

That's what motivates us as creators of Mind Matters. Our goal is to shine a light on the challenges, understand what drives our kids, and foster the support they'll need along their journey. Your donation will help us continue our efforts. THANK YOU.